Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Short Form, Scorer, and Implementation Guide ★

This tool was designed to assist sexual and reproductive health (SRH) agencies in Massachusetts in meeting the SRHP standards for social determinants of health (SDOH) screening. While this tool is not the only way to meet the standards, it can be time- and resource-intensive to design a comprehensive SDOH screening tool. Thus, this tool was developed as an option for clinics to implement in part or in whole, depending on their needs and existing screening infrastructure. Providers and practices outside of Massachusetts are welcome to use and adapt this tool. Please note, while this tool was designed using an evidence-informed process, it has not yet been validated.

In this set of resources you will find the survey, scorer, and implementation guide. Before using this tool with patients, it is critical that your clinic has established referral pathways for all SDOHs for which you will be screening. We suggest that you review the implementation guide for tips for developing appropriate referrals. We have provided PDF and editable versions of the survey and scorer so you can adapt the referrals and community resources as needed.